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  Norris S vs Coetzee G View  
  Veerman J vs Van Tonder D View  
  Jamieson S vs Schaper JT View  
  Nienaber W vs Jamieson S View  
  Stone B vs Jamieson S View  
  Syme C vs Walters J View  
  Ahlers J vs Cockerill A View  
  Ahlers J vs Walters J View  
  Luiten J vs Schwab M View  
  Cockerill A vs Schwab M View  
  Siem M vs Guerrier J View  
  Guerrier J vs Syme C View  
  Du Plessis H vs Kruyswijk J View  
  Nienaber W vs Kruyswijk J View  
  Siem M vs Korb R View  
  Luiten J vs Du Plessis H View  
  Vincent S vs Ritchie J View  
  Burmester D vs Donaldson J View  
  Vincent S vs Burmester D View  
  Ritchie J vs Donaldson J View  
  Bezuidenhout C vs Frittelli D View  
  Fowler R vs Conners C View  
  Finau T vs Hovland V View  
  Dahmen J vs Reavie C View  
  Berger D vs Henley R View  
  Villegas C vs Kirk C View  
  Kirk C vs Bhatia A View  
  Ogletree A vs Brehm R View  
  Berger D vs English H View  
  Berger D vs Vegas J View  
  Duncan T vs Homa M View  
  Conners C vs Villegas C View  
  Harman B vs Duncan T View  
  Mcnealy M vs Garnett B View  
  English H vs Mcnealy M View  
  Niemann J vs Horschel B View  
  Finau T vs Ancer A View  
  Ancer A vs Horschel B View  
  Conners C vs Dahmen J View  
  Ortiz C vs Todd B View  
  Long A vs Harman B View  
  Todd B vs Dahmen J View  
  Finau T vs Niemann J View  
  Wise A vs Glover L View  
  Grillo E vs Knox R View  
  Knox R vs Wise A View  
  Hoge T vs Rodgers P View  
  Hovland V vs Thomas J View  
  Thomas J vs Long A View  
  Grillo E vs The Field View  
  Hoge T vs The Field View  
  Hovland V vs The Field View  
  Thomas J vs The Field View  
  Long A vs The Field View  
  Hovland V vs Grillo E View  
  Ernst A vs Korda J View  
  Park IB vs Hataoka N View  
  Lee M vs Ko JY View  
  Masson C vs Hur MJ View  
  Altomare B vs Reid M View  
  Hull C vs Yang A View  
  Lewis S vs Ewart J View  
  Knight C vs Sung Hyun Park View  
  Kanaya T vs Imahira S View  
  Inamori Y vs Charoenkul G View  
  Hoshino R vs Horikawa M View  
  Ishikawa R vs Kim C View  
  Baek T vs Ikeda Y View  
  Iwata H vs Tanihara H View  

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