NBL 2020/21 Outright Markets

Cairns vs Sydney at Cairns Pop Up Arena on (Round 1) Total - Home 1st Quarter
Sorry, there are currently no odds available for this market
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Match Betting Regular Time Winner Total - Home - 2nd Qtr Total Rebounds - Cameron Oliver
Handicap Betting Team With Highest Scoring Quarter Total - Home - 3rd Qtr Total Rebounds - Casper Ware
Game Total 1st Quarter Handicap Total - Home - 4th Qtr Total Rebounds - Didi Louzada
Double Chance 2nd Quarter Handicap Total Assists - Brad Newley Total Rebounds - Kouat Noi
1st Half Winner 3rd Quarter Handicap Total Assists - Casper Ware Total Rebounds - Majok Deng
1st Half Handicap 4th Quarter Handicap Total Assists - Scott Machado Total Rebounds - Scott Machado
1st Half Total 1st Quarter Total Total Points - Brad Newley HT/FT Double
2nd Half Winner 2nd Quarter Total Total Points - Cameron Oliver Highest Scoring Half
2nd Half Handicap 3rd Quarter Total Total Points - Casper Ware Highest Scoring Quarter
2nd Half Total 4th Quarter Total Total Points - Didi Louzada Margin 10.5
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total - Away Total Points - Kouat Noi Margin 10.5 - 1st Half
Draw No Bet - 2nd Half Total - Away - 1st Half Total Points - Majok Deng Margin Betting
Draw No Bet - 1st Qtr Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Points - Mirko Deric Margin Betting - 1st Half
Draw No Bet - 2nd Qtr Total - Away - 1st Qtr Total Points - Scott Machado Margin Betting - 1st Qtr
Draw No Bet - 3rd Qtr Total - Away - 2nd Qtr Total Points Rebounds Assists - Cameron Oliver Quarter by Quarter Leader
Draw No Bet - 4th Qtr Total - Away - 3rd Qtr Total Points Rebounds Assists - Casper Ware Tri-Bets 12.5
1st Quarter Winner Total - Away - 4th Qtr Total Points Rebounds Assists - Didi Louzada Tri-Bets 5.5
2nd Quarter Winner Total - Home Total Points Rebounds Assists - Kouat Noi Tri-Bets 6.5
3rd Quarter Winner Total - Home - 1st Half Total Points Rebounds Assists - Majok Deng Tri-Bets 7.5
4th Quarter Winner Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Points Rebounds Assists - Scott Machado Tri-Bets 8.5
Race To 10 Total - Home - 1st Qtr Total Rebounds - Brad Newley Will There Be Overtime
Race To 20      
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Brisbane vs Illawarra Hawks Adelaide vs South East Melbourne
Cairns vs Sydney Cairns vs Illawarra Hawks

Outright betting markets for NBL 2020/21
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