NFL 2020/21 Outright Markets

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans on (NFL : Divisional Playoff) Margin Betting
Margin BettingChange Format
New Orleans By 19-24 11.0 13.0
Tampa Bay By 19-24 17.0 26.0
New Orleans By 25-30 19.0 25.0
New Orleans By 31-36 26.0
New Orleans By 37-42 41.0
Tampa Bay By 31-36 41.0
Tampa Bay By 25-30 29.0 55.0
New Orleans By 43+ 51.0
Tampa Bay By 37-42 67.0
Tampa Bay By 43+ 101
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Money Line Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Receive Yards - Alvin Kamara Total TD Receptions - Emmanuel Sanders
Point Spread Total - Home - 1st Qtr Total Receive Yards - Antonio Brown Total TD Receptions - Jared Cook
Game Totals Total Carries - Alvin Kamara Total Receive Yards - Cameron Brate Total TD Receptions - Michael Thomas
1st Half Winner Total Completions - Drew Brees Total Receive Yards - Chris Godwin Total TD Receptions - Mike Evans
1st Half Handicap Total Completions - Tom Brady Total Receive Yards - Deonte Harris Total TD Receptions - Rob Gronkowski
1st Half Total Total Completions - Tyre Brady Total Receive Yards - Emmanuel Sanders Total TD Rushes - Alvin Kamara
2nd Half Winner Total Field Goals Total Receive Yards - Jared Cook Total Tackles - Antoine Winfield
2nd Half Handicap Total Field Goals - 1st Half Total Receive Yards - Leonard Fournette Total Tackles - Lavonte David
2nd Half Total Total Field Goals - 2nd Half Total Receive Yards - Michael Thomas Total Touchdown Passes - Drew Brees
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Field Goals - 1st Qtr Total Receive Yards - Mike Evans Total Touchdown Passes - Tom Brady
Draw No Bet - 1st Qtr Total Field Goals - Away Total Receive Yards - Rob Gronkowski Total Touchdowns
1st Quarter Winner Total Field Goals - Home Total Receive Yards - Scott Miller Total Touchdowns - 1st Half
1st Team Touchdown Total Interceptions - Drew Brees Total Receive Yards - Scotty Miller Total Touchdowns - 2nd Half
2nd Quarter Winner Total Interceptions - Tom Brady Total Receptions - Adam Trautman Total Touchdowns - 1st Qtr
3rd Quarter Winner Total Interceptions - Tyre Brady Total Receptions - Algernon Brown Total Touchdowns - Away
4th Quarter Winner Total Kicking Points - Ryan Succop Total Receptions - Alvin Kamara Total Touchdowns - Away - 1st Half
First Challenge Total Kicking Points - Wil Lutz Total Receptions - Antonio Brown Total Touchdowns - Away - 2nd Half
Race To 10 Total Longest Completion - Drew Brees Total Receptions - Cameron Brate Total Touchdowns - Home
Race To 10 - 2nd Half Total Longest Completion - Tom Brady Total Receptions - Chris Godwin Total Touchdowns - Home - 1st Half
Race To 15 Total Longest Completion - Tyre Brady Total Receptions - Deonte Harris Total Touchdowns - Home - 2nd Half
Race To 15 - 2nd Half Total Longest Reception - Algernon Brown Total Receptions - Emmanuel Sanders 1st Scoring Play
Race To 20 Total Longest Reception - Alvin Kamara Total Receptions - Jared Cook 1st Scoring Play - 2nd Half
Race To 20 - 2nd Half Total Longest Reception - Antonio Brown Total Receptions - Leonard Fournette Anytime Touchdown Scorer
Race To 25 Total Longest Reception - Cameron Brate Total Receptions - Michael Thomas Both Teams to Score - 1st Qtr
Race To 30 Total Longest Reception - Chris Godwin Total Receptions - Mike Evans Both Teams to Score - 2nd Qtr
Race To 40 Total Longest Reception - Deonte Harris Total Receptions - Rob Gronkowski Both Teams to Score - 3rd Qtr
Team To Score First DNB Total Longest Reception - Emmanuel Sanders Total Receptions - Scotty Miller Both Teams to Score - 4th Qtr
Team To Score Last DNB Total Longest Reception - Jared Cook Total Rush And Receive Yards - Alvin Kamara First To Score Wins
Team To Score Last DNB - 1st Half Total Longest Reception - Leonard Fournette Total Rush Yards - Alvin Kamara First Touchdown Scorer
Team With Highest Scoring Quarter Total Longest Reception - Michael Thomas Total Rush Yards - Leonard Fournette First Touchdown Scorer - 2nd Half
1st Quarter Handicap Total Longest Reception - Mike Evans Total Rushes - Alvin Kamara HT/FT Double
2nd Quarter Handicap Total Longest Reception - Rob Gronkowski Total Rushes - Leonard Fournette Highest Scoring Half
3rd Quarter Handicap Total Longest Reception - Scott Miller Total Sacks - Cameron Jordan Highest Scoring Quarter
4th Quarter Handicap Total Longest Reception - Scotty Miller Total Sacks - Jason Pierre Paul Last Scoring Play
1st Quarter Total Total Pass Attempts - Alvin Kamara Total Sacks - Marcus Davenport Last Touchdown Scorer
2nd Quarter Total Total Pass Attempts - Drew Brees Total Sacks - Ndamukong Suh Margin Betting
3rd Quarter Total Total Pass Attempts - Tom Brady Total Sacks - Shaquil Barrett Tri-Bets
4th Quarter Total Total Pass Yards - Drew Brees Total TD Passes - Drew Brees Tri-Bets 5.5
Total - Away Total Pass Yards - Tom Brady Total TD Passes - Tom Brady Tri-Bets 7.5
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Pass Yards - Tyre Brady Total TD Passes - Tyre Brady Will There Be A Touchdown - 1st Qtr
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Points - Ryan Succop Total TD Receptions - Alvin Kamara Will There Be A Touchdown - 2nd Qtr
Total - Away - 1st Qtr Total Points - Wil Lutz Total TD Receptions - Antonio Brown Will There Be A Touchdown - 3rd Qtr
Total - Home Total Receive Yards - Adam Trautman Total TD Receptions - Cameron Brate Will There Be A Touchdown - 4th Qtr
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Receive Yards - Algernon Brown Total TD Receptions - Chris Godwin Will There Be Overtime
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Fixtures for NFL 2020/21 Show All Summary
Cleveland @ Kansas City Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

Outright betting markets for NFL 2020/21
Win SuperBowl Win AFC East Division Win NFC East Division
AFC Championship Win AFC North Division Win NFC North Division
NFC Championship Win AFC South Division Win NFC South Division
Draft - First Overall Pick Win AFC West Division Win NFC West Division